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Demos and Characters

I do lots and lots of voice over work for commercials and for cartoons. Here are some of the more recognizable cartoon characters I voice.
Jimmy Neutron
from the hit feature film “Jimmy Neutron – Boy Genius

Voice of Maureen Murphy in F is for Family
¬†from the Netflix series “F is for Family

Voice of Lucky in Lucky's Tale
from the videogame “Lucky’s Tale

Crash Bandicoot Coco
from the hit videogame “Crash Bandicoot

Voice of Zatch Bell
from “Zatch Bell” on Cartoon Network

Ryo Ohki
from pioneering anime “Tenchi-Muyo

Voice of Gnocchi
from “Curious George” on PBS

TAIMI from hit videogame Guild Wars II
from hit videogame “Guild Wars II

Nergal Jr.
from “Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy

Zack Putterman
1980’s Duracell Battery Campaign

Playhouse Disney interstitial Host