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“Debi didn’t just play a genius in a cartoon, she is one in real life. I often refer to Debi as ‘Master Derryberry’. Debi is a master actor, coach and mentor. Regardless of where you may be on your VO path (rookie, novice, “up and comer”, established, or her fellow “Master”), Debi’s coaching has something for everyone. Debi literally made it her mission to get the industry to notice me. Simply put, I wouldn’t be where I am today without Debi. I am forever grateful.”

David Chen
Voice Actor, Producer

“Beloved by many in the voice industry including myself, Debi is a tiny powerhouse of talent that brings fun and energy to every facet of her craft.  As an instructor, she doesn’t cut corners when she guides you and knows how to elevate your performance through honest coaching methods that anyone can apply.  Debi is quite frankly, one of the most hard working people in this business and if you’re thinking of utilizing her services, she had my highest recommendation!”

Daniel Ross
Voice Actor, Film Producer